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Welcome to little baby Tessa Mae!

Tessa Mae arrived just before Christmas, a bit earlier than anticipated, and on the same day as her cousin! She had a to spend some time in the NICU, but this little fighter is home and growing fast. She’s pretty darn adorable, too!

Tessa was hands-down the most wide-awake newborn I have ever photographed! It took over an hour for me and her mom to get her to fall asleep. You see,  most newborn photos are done when a baby is sleeping, not wide awake and looking around observing the world. Tessa did not get the memo. A bottle, three diapers and a lot of rocking later she finally fell asleep long enough for her shoot. The ultrasound techs at the hospital said they’d never seen a baby who moved around so much, so I think mom and dad are going to have a little speed demon on their hands. Not much different from her mom I guess! Tessa will be speeding up and down the courts and fields before you know it, but for now she is just content to stay home wrapped up warm and hanging out with her two doggie siblings.

Congrats to the whole family on bringing this little bundle into this world!



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