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Victoria and Nate’s horse farm wedding in Candia, New Hampshire

Victoria and Nate’s Candia, New Hampshire wedding had so many special touches and a deep family connection that I’ve asked her to put the backstory for this post in her own words. Given that Victoria works in the wedding industry herself, I just feel I can’t do justice in words to her vision, plus the story of how they met is priceless. Take it away Victoria:

“Nate and I met working as line cooks at Applebee’s. We like to think that we “found love in a hopeless place”. Fast forward to 2018, after being together for 5 years, we finally laid the plans for our wedding. If we’re being really honest, they were really my plans. Since I work in the wedding industry at a catering company, Nate left most of the larger picture design choices up to me because, as he put it, I “would know what goes well, much better” than he does.
Before we had even set our date, I knew that I wanted to host our wedding at my Nana’s early 1900’s farm house. I grew up there, Nate and I spent a lot of time there when we first met, there was plenty of space for tenting, beautiful scenery, and so many other factors. Her house has always a draw to me, not just for our wedding, but in life in general. Her house is always open and inviting, too much food being offered, and just somewhere you can have a great time, feel safe, and most importantly, feel loved. A perfect setting that suited the wedding we wanted to have.
Anyone who knows Nate and I, knows that we joke about me being a princess, especially since I like to refer to the tiara that’s always on my head, in spirit. It was part of the inspiration for the wedding theme, and the fact that I am Greek. In Greek Orthodox, you have Stefana (crowns) placed on your head during the ceremony, which, in a loose sense, signifies you as the king and queen of your marriage. Thus, the theme of our wedding was vintage eclectic: mix-matched glassware, plates, lots of pearls and lace. To me, this theme embodied the romantic, “princess” feel for the wedding. We then decided, with the help of Pinterest, that our color scheme would be green (Nate’s favorite color), gold, pink & a touch of dark grey, continuing the vintage, royal-esque setting we were shooting for.
Though we had a vision and thousands of ideas, it was hard for us to figure out how to put it together and make it cohesive from ceremony to dessert. We were super fortunate to work with our friend and planner Lisa Pavlopoulos, who helped us pull this look together, since she was looking to offer vintage rentals as a service in her company. Without her, I don’t think our vision for the wedding would have come out nearly as amazing as it had. We are so thankful that Lisa came along and knew exactly what we had envisioned and put it together for us.
At the end of it all, it was everything that we could have asked for, and more. We genuinely mean that. Everything from the ceremony, the vendors we chose, and the party itself, came out so much better than we had ever hoped for. It’s weeks later, and we still have guests mentioning how beautiful everything was and that it was certainly fitting for the new “king and queen”.

Officiant: Melanie Voros – Coordinator and Planner: Lisa Pavlopoulos – Catering: The White Apron
Florist: Guylaine Goulet, All Silk Designs – Lighting/Rentals: Special Events of New England
Hair: Jeannine Scollo – Makeup: Joya Beauty – Mini Sweets: The White Apron 
Bridal Salon and Bridesmaid Dresses: Madeleine’s Daughter – Menswear: Madeleine’s Daughter
Cake: Three Sisters Cake Shop – DJ: Get Down Tonight, DJ Nick Kafejelis – Second: Kelsey



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