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Stephanie and Joey’s Union Bluff Meeting House, York Beach, Maine wedding and reception

Joey and Stephanie  picked a perfect late spring day for their wedding and reception at the Union Bluff Meeting House in York Beach, Maine. Luckily they hadn’t picked the day before, as it rained buckets from morning until night on Friday!

The day progressed without a hitch thanks wedding planner extraordinaire, Melanie Voros of Blissful Beginnings Weddings and the pros at the Meeting House. The girls spent a relaxing morning getting their hair and make-up done, Stephanie even laid out in the sun for a bit to put the final touches on her tan! Joey and his guys hit the arcade, beach, and lighthouse for a bit of last-minute fun. The Meeting House is situated right in the heart of York Beach, with the wide sandy beach out front, and the adorable shops of York Beach just down the block. I’ve said it before, this is a great town to get married in, I did it myself over ten years ago!

Joey and Stephanie opted to have their ceremony on-site on the large lawn overlooking the waves. It was a perfect backdrop, and made it easy for us to hit the beach with the wedding party afterwards for photos.

This wedding was a party from beginning to end. I had been forewarned that this was a dancing crowd, and it certainly was! The dance floor was so packed it was impossible for me to get into the throng for photos. Luckily a dance-off ensued which led to much hilarity. I left this wedding and my face hurt from smiling, I’m sure the same can be said for everyone that was there, both young and old!

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  • Kathy Law - Awesome photos! Can’t wait to see them all! What a blast we ALL had at the wedding! You did an awesome job taking pictures…you were never in the way! I was amazed when you climbed on the ladder to get the group shot! Will definitely recommend you to others!

  • Jaimee - Exquisite! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such fabulous documentation of my sister & Broey’s unforgettable ceremony and reception!

  • Sarah Nickles - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. They are so unique. Not the same poses you always see.