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Sarah and Jose’s wedding at Uncatena, Naushon Island, Cape Cod, Mass.

This is a hard wedding to summarize in two paragraphs. I feel it is probably better suited to a haiku:

Island wedding, yes!

Two days of celebrations.

Sarah and Jose.

Admittedly, that’s a pretty weak haiku. Maybe a tone poem is more appropriate, but I don’t have the skill for that, so an absurdly long slideshow will have to do:

This was not your average wedding. To start, it was  a two-day long celebration! The dancing was on Saturday, and actually preceded the wedding, which was held on Sunday at noon. The groom was both lost-at-sea, and then rescued, the day before the wedding.  The cake was Norwegian, the food homemade. There were more doctors present than non-doctors (I think, if not it had to be close!). There was a limbo contest in a boat-house. The ceremony site was reached by wading through water at high-tide, and officiated by a barefoot friend who was essentially ‘ordained’ for the day. Suffice to say it was a lot of fun to photograph!

Friends and family, pitched in to make the food and decorate the house. Everyone helped to make the weekend what it was;  a lovely, warm, relaxed and perfect celebration of Sarah and Jose’s love!

Thanks for finding me on Facebook Sarah, it was fun to reconnect and share the weekend with you and Jose, let’s not wait 15 years to see each other again!


PS If you can come up with a better Haiku, please leave it as a comment!

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