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Sarah and Ben’s Pine Point, Scarborough, Maine engagement shoot

This was not my usual engagement shoot to say the least. Everything started out quite normally; Sarah and Ben strolled the beach at Pine Point, and snuggled up under some trees while I took photos and we chatted taking some time to get to know each other. Ben’s a serious surfer, and I always tell my couples I want their engagement photos to reflect their relationship and what they love to do together, so they had arranged for a frend to bring a paddleboard down to the beach for some funky photos in the water. Mother Nature had not gotten this memo apparently! As  you can see in the last few photos their attempted stand-up paddleboard tour took a turn for the worse. A storm was brewing, and the waves were really rolling in. Suffice to say, I’ve never laughed so hard at an e-shoot.

Luckily, both Sarah and Ben have a great sense of humor, plus they’re adorable, so we managed to make both beautiful, and hilarious photos. Perfectly fitting for this fun-loving couple. The beach-goers at Pine Point also got a real show!

Their wedding next month at Pineland Farms is sure to be a blast, I can’t wait to see the photos we make then!pinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthis

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  • Sian Liem - Hi Alex,
    I’m the friend who supplied the paddleboard. Great photos of a lovely couple!


  • Cindy and Dave Kimpel - Just looked at the photo shoot and I love it. It made me smile and cry as you captured their love and fun side. We are so happy for Sarah that she is marrying her love and friend Ben. Both are so very special and will no doubt have a great life.