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Rachael and Nate’s amazing wedding!

There is but one word to describe Rachael and Nate’s wedding: Perfect!

A beautiful day, an intimate and touching ceremony, a close knit group of family and friends, and an amazing couple. The wedding was held on the grounds of Rachael’s parent’s home in Natick, Massachusetts; following in the tradition that her mother and father started when they were married. The ceremony was Jewish with a uniquely Buddhist flair, the food local & organic, and not a detail was overlooked.  Rachael’s dad not only baked the wedding cake (organic carrot cake!), but was solemnized for the day in order to officiate the ceremony as well.

It was such a fabulous day that I couldn’t even edit the photos down to one post, so keep scrolling down to see more.

Rachael and Nate, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day, it was a pleasure and an honor!

DresspinthisRachael and Nate2-1pinthisringspinthisRachael and Nate-6pinthisRachael and Nate-23pinthiswaitingpinthisRachael and Nate-1pinthisFirst lookpinthisRachael and Nate-27pinthisRachael and Nate-33pinthisRachael and Nate-30pinthiswill youpinthisRachael and Nate-32pinthisRachael and Nate-34pinthisRachael and Nate-35pinthisRachael and Nate-36pinthis

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