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Pam and Sean’s autumn ‘Inn on Peaks Island’ wedding

Pam and Sean were married on Saturday out on Peaks Island, and although the calendar read October 8th, it felt more like July 8th. Temps crept over 80 degrees in Portland, the sun was beating down, the sky a bright blue, and only the early sunset clued anyone onto the fact that this was a fall wedding. It was also my last wedding of the year, and I ended the season on a high!  What a great wedding from beginning to end!

Pam is a graphic designer, so it goes without saying that the colors, details, and paper goods were all well thought out and very complimentary. They were also a reflection of Pam and Sean’s fun loving attitude towards not only their wedding, but life in general. Just take a second to read the text on the their reply card, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Pam and Sean know how to enjoy themselves and not take life too seriously. The figurines climbing up their wedding cake were made by a friend and are a reenactment of their first meeting at the Maine Rock Gym. And did you notice the reappearance of the cowboy boots? Or Sean’s orange socks? I just adore all the warm colors and thoughtful details.

The day had one small hiccup though, Pam had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and had to literally be sewn into her dress by her mom! The sash that had been added totally messed up the zipper and caused it to bust open just before the ceremony!  Pam and her mom took it all in stride, and thankfully the stitching held all night!

The day would have been perfect had I not had a hiccup of my own. After so many weddings on Peaks Island over the years, I’ve practically memorized the car ferry schedule, so I rarely consult it anymore. Well, apparently I should have, since I didn’t notice that the it had gone over to the fall schedule and thus the late car ferries had been eliminated! Oops! So, my car got to overnight on Peaks, and I got to come back for lunch on Sunday. Since it was over 80 again on Sunday it was a nice trip nonetheless.

Congrats Pam and Sean, and all my 2011 wedding couples, it was a great year and I truly enjoyed every single wedding!



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  • Ashley - do you know who did her hair and makeup? thanks.