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Meg and Northe’s Wedding, Winter Harbor, Maine

The first wedding of the year is always special for me. The anticipation builds all winter long. Come April, I start having dreams about my cameras malfunctioning, I worry about my car, I get all ramped up,  and it always turns out that the first wedding of the year is fantastic, rather than cataclysmic. Meg and Northe’s wedding was no exception, and it was in fact, was one of my most favorite weddings of all time.

Both the wedding and reception were held in Winter Harbor, which is on Schoodic Peninsula, just across Frenchman’s Bay from Acadia National Park. But it is much more peaceful and quiet than Bar Harbor, and perhaps even more beautiful. It was a perfect setting for Meg and Northe’s elegant, yet relaxed wedding celebration. Trillium Caterers and Sweet Pea Gardens provided the most delicious food and gorgeous flowers. I haven’t worked with Trillium in years, and it was fun to reconnect with Karen Ruth, the owner. Trillium is always at the top of their game; the food was not only delicious, but beautiful.

This was just one of those weddings that came together beautifully, nothing felt hurried or forced; Meg and Northe’s family and friends surrounded them with love, and celebrated their union warmly. The toasts were wonderful, and the dancing was wild! Oh, and the weather actually cooperated against all odds!

Typical also for the first wedding of the season are a ton of photos, Leslie and I couldn’t help ourselves once again!

Many congrats to Meg and Northe, may your lives continue to be full of adventure and love!


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