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Liz and Jeff’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire Wedding

If Liz and Jeff’s wedding had a theme it would be: family and fun, and possibly adorable ‘flower children’. And despite the day’s persistent precipitation, the theme wasn’t rain! Liz and Jeff pushed on through the sprinkles, as did their guests, in order to fulfill the original wedding day plans that Liz, Jeff and their wedding planner Melanie, owner of Blissful Beginnings, had so carefully laid out.

Liz and Jeff are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever had a chance to photograph, and their large families surrounded them with love and support throughout the day’s events. Granted the groomsmen did have a running bet on how long it would be before Jeff started to cry during the ceremony, I’m not sure who won!

We started off at the Wentworth by-the-Sea hotel for the getting ready time and group pictures, before getting picked up by a classic trolley for a stop at New Castle Common for more photos, and then it was onto the Governor John Langdon house for their ceremony.

After their sweet, yet drizzly ceremony, Jeff and Liz led a parade of guests through Portsmouth to Harbour Place, site of their reception. It was such a unique and fun way to get guests from one location to another. The route was decorated with handmade slate signs directing guests where to go. It was quite a traffic stopping event!

Their reception was held under a pair of Sperry Tents at Harbour Place (right on Portsmouth’s waterfront). and the food by The White Apron was unparalleled (perhaps they or Melanie can post some info about the various dishes, I lost count!). A raw bar on it’s own ice table, and music by a live band made for one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever shot.

Congratulations Liz and Jeff!



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  • Ted Boddy - Hi Alex,

    You did a great job for our Liz and Jeff!! You can be assured your work and site will be shared with all our friends via email, social network and the old fashion face to face conversaations. Delightful, simply delightful!

    Ted Boddy
    Brentwood N.H.