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Linnea and David’s wedding part deux

Okay, I know this is a ridiculous number of photos, but it was such a perfect day that I can’t help myself.

Ring exchangepinthisfrom the grasspinthisthey didpinthisthe gouppinthisblack and white sprint point lightpinthislovepinthiskisspinthisfor a toastpinthischeerspinthistablepinthiswinepinthismr. and mrs.pinthisguestpinthisfirst dancepinthisringspinthison the beachpinthislinnea and davidpinthiscutting the whoopie piepinthistable assignments and musicpinthisflagpinthisfour coursespinthistablespinthisswingpinthisjumppinthisair guitarpinthistent at nightpinthis

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  • rachael - can you tell me where Linnea and David’s wedding and reception were? love the pics! 🙂

  • Alexandra - The wedding and reception were at Southern Maine Community College, glad you enjoyed the pix!