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Lauren and Tim’s On The Marsh, Kennebunk, Maine Wedding

Tim and Lauren were wed this past Saturday at On The Marsh in Kennebunk, Maine. Their wedding had a playful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, which was inspired by the decor and grounds of On The Marsh. This was one of those weddings that, as a photographer I love because so much thought went into every little detail, and it showed! Their florist, Fleurant crafted the most amazing centerpieces with teacups, moss, feathers, flowers and foliage of all types. Each centerpiece and bouquet was a small work of art on their own. Truly exquisite work in my opinion, and a true homage to Alice’s Wonderland.

Their topsy-turvy cake was by none other than Owen Dyer of ConfectionArt. At the base of the many playful cake tiers sat an exact replica of Lauren and Tim’s dog carved out of chocolate. The flowers atop were so realistic that most people didn’t believe that they were both handcrafted and edible. Owen’s cakes are so fun, delicious, and instantly recognizable; I love when I walk into a venue and see one waiting to ‘wow’ the arriving guests.

The day unfolded seemlessly, their wedding wasn’t until 5:30pm, when the light was warm and long. Very heavy downpours had come overnight, and into the morning, but the clouds parted and the sun shone down for their ceremony. There was a tiny hint of autumn in the air, which seemed to fit with their muted color palette and rustic decor.

All in all Lauren and Tim’s wedding day was both a joy to photograph and attend, best of luck to you both in the coming years!

“Thus grew the tale of Wonderland:
Thus slowly one by one,
Its quaint events were hammered out—
And now the tale is done,
And home we steer, a merry crew,
Beneath the setting sun….”


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  • Owen Dyer - Alex, you are a visionary! Your photos are impeccable! You outdid yourself with this wedding! Thanks for doing my cake justice! You are a true artist! A kindred spirit, my dear!