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Laura and Blair’s Old Port, Portland, Maine engagement shoot

Laura and Blair are the definition of a fun-loving couple. They’re just so much fun to be around that their engagement shoot was a joy. It’s obvious that they adore each other, which made my job easy. Engagement shoots are often awkward to begin with (unless you’re used to being followed around on the streets by the paparazzi), but Laura and Blair pushed that initial awkwardness aside, and decided to have a good time instead.  I know I did, and I hope they did too!

The one thing I tell the ladies before their e-shoot is to wear comfortable shoes, we do a lot of walking during an engagement shoot, often over cobblestones. Being that Laura lives in Texas and is never seen without her heels, she decided to ignore my advice completely, and good for her! Her heels were adorable, and she wouldn’t have felt like herself without them. Sometimes you need to be yourself so that your photos reflect not what your photographer wants, but who you really are.

I’ll be seeing Laura and Blair again this fall out on Peaks Island for their wedding at The Inn. I can’t wait!


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