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Karina and Charlie’s lakeside Connecticut wedding

I love weddings, I really do. I think to be a successful wedding photographer you must. I love weddings because I get to spend the day with  happy people in love, people like Charlie and Karina. They are a pair that compliment each other so well, it was such an honor to be asked to shoot this wedding. As you may remember from when I posted their engagement shoot, Charlie was a groomsman in Emily and James’ wedding that I shot back in 2007. I was so flattered when he called to see if I would travel to Connecticut to shoot his own wedding, and naturally I said yes!

As an outsider, it really is an honor and a pleasure to be allowed into the wedding circle, especially at such an intimate celebration.  The ceremony took place at the family home in rural Connecticut, beside a peaceful lake, with the late afternoon sun streaming though the trees. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The reception was  such fun, and included some amazing dancing by Karina’s relatives, some of whom came all the way from Peru! At one point Karina even lit Charlie on fire! I’ve never seen that before! If I get an explanation of the traditions behind that particular dance, I’ll post them, as I’d never seen it before.

(Per usual, I couldn’t really get the edit down to a reasonable number of photos, so sit back and enjoy the slideshow!)

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  • Martha - Hi Alexandra!
    I love all the photos, you´re the best!
    About the peruvian dance, named “Alcatraz”, it´s a very popular dance in Peru and it has an Afro-Peruvian origin. It owed its name to a pelican feather dress that the woman wore strapped to her back at waist level, the man had to try to lit the longest feather on fire with a candle, but without losing the rhythm. The woman´s movements make almost impossible for man to achieve his purpose. By repeating the music, the roles were reversed. More recently, the feathers have been replaced by a cone of paper.
    We did our best effort to dance like this people :). You can see real good dancers at:

  • Alexandra - Thanks for the explanation Martha!