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Julie and Matt’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire engagement shoot

I met Julie and Matt in Portsmouth Saturday morning to kick off a weekend of engagement shoots.  Julie is by her own admission, not very comfortable in front of the camera, but she persevered (and laughed a lot!)  and we got some really fun shots in the end.

If you’re not too comfortable in front of the camera, then an engagement shoot is doubly important, and I think Julie will attest to that. That said, both Julie and Matt did a great job, and they look great too! I just LOVE the last few shots we did in an alleyway off of the main drag in Portsmouth. You could really feel the love between these two!

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  • Julie - It’s true what you say…I’m petrified of cameras. Even as a child I was the kid that cried and pushed the cameras away.

    With that said, Alex you were awesome. From the moment we met you in that Portsmouth parking lot, I felt as if we had known you for years. Your personality is kind and calming in a very “familiar” sort of way. I thank you for that.

    You did get some great shots, despite the challenge of my awkward nature in front of the camera. I can not wait to see what magic you are able to bring to our wedding day photos. Thank you!!