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I’m almost completely booked for 2011

pinthisI only have one spot left for the 2011 wedding ‘high season’ (May-October). I limit the number of weddings I shoot every summer to fifteen, and I never shoot more than one wedding a weekend.

I do this for a number of reasons, the main reason is that I LOVE to shoot weddings! That may sound strange to some people, ‘if she loves to shoot weddings, why doesn’t she shoot 50 weddings a year?’. Well, that is precisely why. If I shot more weddings I wouldn’t get the chance to get to know my couples so well, and I’d probably start to burn out.

Weddings, especially for a photographer like myself who is often is at a wedding for 12(!) hours, are very exhausting. Not only are they exhausting physically, but also mentally. I call weddings a ‘photographic workout’. Inside, outside, natural light, flash, dark churches, blazing summer sun, giant wedding parties, crying flower girls, on ladders, on the ground, running backwards with two cameras, you get the idea! I put my heart and soul into each and every wedding I shoot, and I know that if I went back-to-back every weekend my work would inevitably suffer. You see, I want to keep doing this for a long time, and by setting a limit on the number of weddings I do shoot I’m hoping to make sure that happens.

So, if you’re getting married this summer, and you still haven’t booked your photographer, here is the list of dates I’m already booked. If you don’t see your date listed, I’d love to hear from you!

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