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Gabrielle and Ron wed on Peaks Island at Harbor View, Jones Landing

After meeting Ron and Gabrielle for the first time, I just knew that I was going to love their wedding. It was laid-back, yet sophisticated, and elegantly simple. I also have to admit, that this is the first wedding where the ceremony reading was from a Massachusetts supreme court decision, and not 1 Corinthians! (For those who are curious, the reading was from Goodridge vs. The Department of Public Health). And it was just so appropriate given that Ron is a professor of political science, in addition to possessing a razor sharp wit!

To say that Gabrielle has an eye for detail would be an understatement. She crafted many of her own accessories (including the amazing feather hair piece, and adorable flowered shoe clips), and what she didn’t make, she put great thought into. The little ceramic ring-bearer’s bowl was stamped with their wedding date and bought on Etsy. It is a lovely keepsake that can be kept and used for years (unlike the typical ring-bearer pillows from David’s Bridal). Many brides seem to have found Etsy lately, if you haven’t heard of it you must check it out. Not only are the goods generally affordable, but you’re supporting independent artisans, and you can often have pieces custom made to your own colors, theme and tastes. I especially like the custom made maps I’ve seen to be included with wedding invitations, because unless you’re a graphic designer, how do you make a good looking map? I wouldn’t know where to start!

Suffice it to say, it was a lovely day, perfect weather (again!), and the most amazing light fell on the beach at sunset for our portrait session. Gabrielle has to be one of the most timeless brides I’ve ever photographed. I can just see the portrait of her under the pier on the cover of a magazine, it’s just so classic Maine: rustic, elegant and understated.



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  • Jennifer Nightingale - What a classic photo! Gosh Gordon looks so grown up and sophisticated.

  • Jennifer Nightingale - So touching. So Sweet!

  • Alicia Williams-Pedersen - What a great idea for the ring bearer! Thanks for posting this, Alex. I am checking out Etsy right now for our wedding in October!