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Erin and Eric’s Portland, Maine engagement shoot

Erin and Eric are getting married this coming December at Grace in Portland. To say I’m excited for their wedding would be an understatement. I rarely get the opportunity to shoot winter weddings, and I’ve never shot a wedding at Grace. For those of you not familiar with Grace, it’s a restaurant in a former church, and it’s amazing. It still retains many of the elements of the former chapel, all while incorporating a modern, open kitchen and swanky circular bar.

Winter weddings are also special, since there are so few of them in Maine. Plus, in the 90 degree heat we’ve been having recently, it’s nice to think about winter. I’m one of those rare people that prefers snowstorms over heatwaves. It probably has something to do with the fact that I grew up in Minnesota!

Like most of my couples Erin and Eric don’t live in Maine, so for their shoot we strolled around the Old Port while taking photos and getting to know each other. We found the classic car below just off of Commercial Street, it made for a timeless, retro photo, then we hit Custom House Wharf for some more gritty shots. Luckily you can’t smell what we were smelling; a fish pier in the heat of summer is not very pleasant. Thanks for being such good sports Erin and Eric, I’ll be seeing you again after the snow flies!


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