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Erica and Kevin’s Maine/New Hampshire Engagement Shoot

Erica and Kevin’s wedding is coming up in less than a month, so their shoot falls under my ‘wedding warm-up’ category, rather than a traditional engagement shoot. We met to discuss logistics, and do a walk-through of their ceremony and reception sites, but of course we managed to grab some fun photos along the way! Their upcoming wedding is in New Hampshire, their reception over-the-border in Maine, so it will be my first two-state wedding.

We met initially at Laudholm Farm, where their reception will be held. I have shot at Laudholm before, and the grounds will make for a gorgeous photo backdrop come autumn. The farm’s large hay fields are ringed with mature trees, so keep your fingers crossed for perfect fall foliage.

It goes without saying that Erica and Kevin are an adorable couple, they’re also really laid back, so photographing them was a breeze. Their wedding is going to be a real show-stopper, I’ve been clued in on all the details, and I simply cannot wait to see how everything comes together. See you two again in a couple of weeks!





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