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Erica and Chris’ Wells Harbor, Maine engagement shoot

I am a firm believer that the best light to shoot in is the light at dawn. Especially on the Maine coast, I prefer it over sunset any day. Understandably, most of my clients aren’t too keen on getting up at 4am for a photo shoot, except for a brave few! Two of those brave souls are Erica and Chris, I think you’ll agree that getting up early is worth it for light this golden and warm. We met up at Wells Harbor before the sun even rose, and once it broke through the clouds, we were flooded with those dazzling golden sun rays, perfect for photography. Dawn is also great for shooting because we’re usually all alone, no onlookers gawking, or random people in the background of photos.
These two will be tying the knot next summer on Peaks Island on the longest day of the year, so I’m sure we’ll also make some amazing sunset photos then.

For fun, I’ve been asking couples to share how they met, so here’s what Erica had to say:

The story of how we met is fun: Chris and I met at the end of our senior year at UNH. We were talking about how we were born on the same day (Sept. 23, 1987) when we realized Chris grew up right down the street from where I spent my summers growing up! We started hanging out that summer before we both moved to Boston separately & 5 years later, here we are!


Thanks again for being such great sports about getting up early Erica and Chris!


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