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Dear Matt and Julia:

You’ve set the bar high this year. Really, really high. Not only do you have the supernatural ability to keep rain at bay (when it’s been forecasted to rain for six hours straight!), but your wedding was perfect in every way. It was cute, fun, full of affection, you were surrounded by lovely friends and family, and it seemed to be a flawless representation of your love for each other.

Your wedding made me want to get married again, mostly so that I can steal all of your fun ideas!

I don’t normally start my wedding edit until Monday; I give myself Sunday off to regroup, relax, and spend time with my family. Your wedding broke the mold, I just couldn’t keep myself away from my monitor. So, here’s a sneak peak. Leslie, and I, went a bit nuts taking pictures yesterday, but it was because there it was such a perfect wedding. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

And to all of my future clients, take note: an ice cream truck is a winner of an idea!


P.S. Have a fabulous time in Italy!



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