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Continuing education…

No matter how many years I’ve been a photographer, I know that there are always new things to learn. Last Saturday, two of the most accomplished working photographers alive, Joe McNally and David Hobby, were in Boston giving a flash clinic. David, known for his website Strobist, uses minimal numbers of small flashes (called ‘strobes’ by us photographers) to light in the most amazing, layered way. Joe McNally uses very different techniques, and usually a lot more strobes than David, to achieve his own look and amazing results.


One example of David's typical lighting set-up for corporate portraits

Currently David and Joe are travelling around the country on their Flash Bus Tour: 29 cities in six weeks, showing off their techniques to professional and aspiring photographers alike. These two use very different approaches, and it was fascinating to see their live demos and learn how they achieved their particular looks. Both men are engaging, patient, and very willing to share what they know. As they said, accountants don’t have clinics where they share their own tips and tricks for finding deductions, only photographers do this sort of thing!

Leslie, Danilelle and I headed down Saturday to take it all in, and it was really worth it. It was fun to be in a room with several hundred other photographers, people who actually find this sort of stuff fascinating, unlike my husband!

We came back from Boston inspired to try new flash techniques, and very much looking forward to the upcoming wedding season. Continuing education is so important, technology and techniques are always evolving, and the only way to keep up is to pay attention!


Greetings from Leslie, Alex and Danielle in Boston

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