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Bridget and Chris’s Peaks Island engagement session

Sunday evening found me once again on the ferry out to Peaks Island, but instead of heading to a wedding, I was going out to shoot Bridget and Chris’ engagement photos. They actually live on Peaks, so having their session there was a no-brainer. Their shoot was different than the usual, and was a ton of fun for me; it goes without saying that the more I get to know Bridget and Chris, the more I like them.

They met me at the ferry dock, and we tooled around the little island in their ancient Volvo station wagon; island cars don’t have to pass Maine state inspections, so they have a lot of ‘character’ to say the least…

We visited both the usual photo spots, and then the parts of Peaks that only the locals know about. We also stopped to shoot at the house they’re in the process of buying and renovating. During our time together they recounted the story of how they ended up living on the island despite the fact that neither of them are from Maine. Their story is so unique that I asked them to ‘guest blog’, and put it in their own words, I was afraid I wouldn’t do it justice. So, from Bridget and Chris, their island story:

We had wound up with a house and jobs in Connecticut that were good, but not quite the right fit. We started talking about how we wanted to find a “forever home.”
Our only criteria was that it would be on the New England coastline. Chris suggested that we start in Maine and work our way down.
We started in Portland and were looking for a place to stay on a long, winter weekend. An internet search revealed the Inn on Peaks Island, which caught our attention because of how unique and close to Portland it was.
When we drove into Portland, it was love at first sight. Then, when we got off the ferry at Peaks we were smitten and we knew no place would ever compare.
We quit our jobs, sold our house and made the plunge six months later. Since then, we’ve lived in six rentals waiting for our dream home. It’s been a long road, but we think the results, and our new home, speak for themselves. We’re thrilled to be getting married next summer at our new home and being able to share this new chapter in our lives with our family and friends!

Me too Chris and Bridget! See you again next summer!


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  • Anne Goshdigian - My goodness! These are ALL so beautiful, I could never pick just one! But the ones that jumped out the most were the “American Gothic”–style; on the rocks; and “Maureen” with the windblown cardigan looking over her shoulder. What a gorgeous, stylish, lovely, smile-producing couple you make 🙂