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Bode’s a big brother! Welcome baby Hadley!

Bode welcomed a new baby sister on Thanksgiving, she came early just like he did, but is perfect in every way! Mom, Liz’s babies seem to like to come early, but they don’t come easily, seeming to favor the ‘wrong side-up’ position.

I’ve been following Liz, Jeff and their growing family for years now. It started with their engagement, to their wedding and now to the births of their children. They’re always a joy to catch up with, so happy and easy going. And Liz looks AMAZING for just having given birth, right!?

I can’t wait to watch these two little siblings grow up together, being so close in age I’m sure Liz and Jeff are going to be kept VERY busy!pinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthis

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