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If you’re a keen website observer you may recognize Nikki and Ken from Kelly and Mike’s wedding last month, they were in the wedding party in fact, but now it’s their turn to shine! Nikki and Ken will be getting married next spring at the Moffatt-Ladd House in Portsmouth, NH so that was where we decided […]

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  • Aunt V - Hi Guys:
    You both look marvelous, Simon too
    Can’t wait for your wedding in May.
    Nikki, everyone thinks your a model.
    love you both
    Aunt V
    Nobody’s home
    Bella Bear

  • Dana - Guys your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Love you guys! Can’t wait till May!! <3

  • Kate - Ken and Nikki these turned out GREAT! You both look wonderful. Can’t wait for next spring!

  • Audrey Young - Dear Nikki and Ken,

    Thank you kindly for sharing your beautiful engagement photographs. We are so happy for you. We love you dearly.

    Vince, Audrey, Sara, John and Michael

Becky and Michael chose the most popular wedding date of 2011 for their wedding: 9/10/11 . It’s easy to understand why they wanted that anniversary; not only is it a fun date, it is easy to remember!  And from what I’ve been told the weekend after Labor Day is typically the driest summer weekend, which is […]

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  • Richard Bonenfant - Mike’s Dad,

    Only being hospitalized could keep me from attending this beautiful wedding. These photos only serve to make me envy what I missed. Please know that Sally and I are so happy for the both of you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Our Congratulations to you both and to your mother and father Becky.

    Sally & Dad

Maggie and Mike’s wedding was held at the Trefethen Evergreen Improvement Association (TEIA) club grounds on Peaks Island this past Saturday. TEIA is so classically Maine in every way, I just love shooting there. Maggie and Mike chose to hold their ceremony on the dock, and guests were able to view it from two levels of […]

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  • Gerry Ney (mom of bride) - Your pictures are truly amazing; and in addition, you could not have been nicer at the wedding. Thank you so very much!

  • Lisa Gleason - the pictures are great….would love to order some if thats possible!

  • Patricia Gleason - Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures! Loved every moment! Congratulations again Mike and Maggie!!!

  • Kathleen Fogarty - Beautiful photos. Beautiful bride. Wonderful wedding. Great weekend!

  • Patricia Gleason - What an amazing beautiful wedding, loved every moment!!

  • susan daley - I look at one photo, then go on to the next and it is even better than the one before…the lighting, the chosen ‘shots’ locations, everything is just beautiful and interesting!

  • Maggie Shanahan - Thank you so much! We could not have asked for a better photographer to capture our special day. You and Leslie were absolutely incredible!!!

I don’t shoot a lot of family portraits, but I love them when I do, I mean how could you not love these two cuties? I originally met Cortland and Caulder at Liz and Jeff’s wedding in July, and it was great to see their smiling faces again at their shoot in New Castle, New Hampshire.  For […]

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  • Anne Barr - As Cortland and Caulder’s Nana, I absolutely love these pictures. What a special treat for their parents (and everyone else) to enjoy their smiling faces! Wonderful work!

  • susan daley - These two childen are adorable, and the photo are perfect. What a darling family.

  • Maggie Shanahan - I know you just did my wedding but can you shoot my kids next?! When I have them…

After looking at these photos you won’t probably be surprised to find out that Sarah and Chris will be celebrating their wedding next year in Newport, Rhode Island. For those not from the east, Newport is known as the sailing capital of the United States.  Chris and Sarah love to sail, and so for their […]

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  • Laurie Heintz - Chris and Sarah. Awesomely beautiful pictures! Again, our congratulations to you and look forward to seeing you more and more. Russ and Laurie heintz