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Becky and Michael’s New Harbor, Maine wedding

Becky and Michael chose the most popular wedding date of 2011 for their wedding: 9/10/11 . It’s easy to understand why they wanted that anniversary; not only is it a fun date, it is easy to remember!  And from what I’ve been told the weekend after Labor Day is typically the driest summer weekend, which is why my husband and I chose it for our own wedding nine years ago! It’s also a great weekend for a wedding in Maine because the tourist influx typically tapers off after the kids are back in school, yet it is still warm and summery. 9/10/11 was no exception; it was sunny, peaceful and a perfect day for a classic Maine wedding.

Becky is the type of bride a wedding photographer hopes for; she’s a professional event planner in addition to having a great eye for detail. Not only did everything run perfectly on time on Saturday, but every minute detail was considered. Please pardon the glut of decor shots below, I just couldn’t help myself!

Michael and Becky chose to have their ceremony at the end of the dock of The Contented Sole restaurant, which looks out over the idyllic Pemaquid Harbor. The dock sits within walking distance of Fort William Henry, which is where we started the day off with a ‘first look’ and formal photos. The restaurant has a rustic Maine charm, which was only enhanced by the candles, lanterns, flowers, and colors decorating the space. Rather than just one wedding cake, they chose to have a varied selection of cakes, followed by whoopie pies and milk later in the evening.

Many congratulations Becky and Michael, thanks for sharing your day with me and Danielle!


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  • Richard Bonenfant - Mike’s Dad,

    Only being hospitalized could keep me from attending this beautiful wedding. These photos only serve to make me envy what I missed. Please know that Sally and I are so happy for the both of you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Our Congratulations to you both and to your mother and father Becky.

    Sally & Dad