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Ashley and Ross’s wedding in Old Orchard Beach

I was so excited about the portrait session we did after Ashley and Ross’s wedding and reception, that I never posted photos from the wedding itself!

Ross and Ashley were married at Joseph’s in Old Orchard Beach, which is a quiet oasis in the middle of what can be a pretty rowdy town. If you’re not from Maine, Old Orchard Beach  is basically the ‘Jersey Shore’ of Maine, complete with a boardwalk, lots of fried foods, often garishly dressed tourists,  a wide beach, and of course the amusement park.  Joesph’s is separated from the craziness by sand dunes, and when you’re there you feel like you’re a million miles away from the tourists that fill the town each summer.

Joseph’s is a lovely spot for a wedding, and it was a lovely day! Congrats Ashley and Ross!

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