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Annie and Shehzaad’s Saturday wedding, Portland, Maine

As you can see from my post on Tuesday, Annie and Shehzaad were married twice this past weekend! On Friday in an Islamic Nikkah ceremony, and on Saturday in a traditional Christian ceremony. The photos above are from Saturday’s ceremony and reception at DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant in Portland, Maine. The ceremony was originally going to be in South Portland at SMCC, but ‘plan B’ was put into action when the weather decided not to cooperate. That said, DiMillos’s had already set-up for a wedding ceremony by the time guests arrived at the new location. It was my first time shooting at DiMillo’s, and they did a fantastic job; not just on the food, but in working with the last-minute change of plans.

Isn’t it fun to see the same couple in a totally different wedding? I don’t know if I’ll ever get such a unique opportunity again.

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