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Amanda and Mike’s Point Lookout, Northport, Maine wedding

If there is one way to describe Amanda and Mike it would be: laid back. And this is not a phrase normally associated with weddings at all! When I asked if they wanted to meet before the wedding their reply was a relaxed, ‘not really necessary’. What was important? Getting some photos of their four, yes, four dogs! And having a rockin’ good time!

 Mike had never even been to Maine before the wedding, and neither of them had ever visited Point Lookout in person. Amanda was chowing down a cheeseburger and fries while getting ready, without a care in the world. This is an unparalleled and unseen level of laissez faire in the wedding world, and oh so welcome! To put it mildly, these two are a delight, and their wedding party was a group of equally awesome people.

This is a couple that put their trust in the professionals they hired, and consequently seemed to truly enjoy and be present on their wedding day without sweating the details. And despite the fact that I had never met them before, I left feeling like I’d made two new friends, too bad they live so far way, but I did my best to convince them that Maine is a wonderful place to not only get married, but to live!

Venue: Point Lookout  –  Officiant: Adam Hage  –  Florist: Coco Design Company  –  Cake: 3 Dogs Cafe

Band: The Sweetbeats  –  Hair/makeup: Ferrante Salon  –  Second: Aphtyn


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  • JoAnn Tittsworth - Photos are wonderful and bring back such great memories. Thanks for capturing Amanda and Mikes spectacular wedding in such a profound way.