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Alicia and Dave’s Portland wedding & Pineland Farms reception

Ahh, the last wedding of the season…bittersweet, but so much fun! I wanted to dance the night away with the guests, but I had pictures to take!

Alicia and Dave were married in Portland, in a Catholic ceremony officiated by her uncle, and the reception was at Pineland Farms. It was another picture perfect weather weekend, but definitely chilly! Of the 15 weddings I shot this year (my max!) only one was rained on; what an amazing summer!

You may recognize the groom, Dave, if you’re local to Portland. He works as an anchor for WMTW Channel 8, which made my job so easy since he’s comfortable in front of a camera (and takes direction really well!). Bride, Alicia, made my job even easier since she is so gorgeous and easy going. I just loved the long train on her dress. I shoot so many outdoor and often informal weddings that I rarely see gowns with such trains. And, while church weddings can be challenging when it comes to low-light, they’re are generally longer, thus giving me more time  to try different lenses, angles, and really play with the light. I love the wide (fisheye) shot from the choir loft. What light!

‘What light’ was what I kept saying all day. As you can see by the number of ‘first dance’ photos the light in the room was so warm, the sun was setting, and the windows are huge! The light in the garden was amazing too, and the leaves on the trees really glowed around the pond. Have I mentioned before that I love shooting at Pineland Farms?

The beautiful invitations were designed by Alica’s friend Christy Sweeney, and if you’re looking for a designer for your wedding invites/save-the-dates I can highly recommend her. I see a lot of invitations, and these were exquisite, tasteful and the colors perfect for fall. Speaking of colors, those orange vests on the groomsmen weren’t an homage to autumn, but instead to Syracuse University, Alicia and Dave’s alma mater!

I’m going to let the rest of the photos speak for themselves. It was such a great wedding from beginning to end, and what a way to end the year.

Grazie Alicia and Dave, enjoy your time in Italia!

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  • Jay Guthro - Truly outstanding Alexandra! You and your assistant were always smiling and a pleasure to be around throughout the entire day. Your photography speaks for itself…incredible. I can’t wait to see all of the photos. It was great meeting you and I wish you continued success.

    Best Regards,
    Jay Guthro
    (Dave’s Best Man)

  • Alexandra - Thanks Jay! We really enjoyed being a part of the day, and your toast was the best! -alex