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Aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion in Costa Rica and Panama

In February I was lucky to have another assignment for Lindblad Expeditions this time we sailed aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion on the Pacific shore of Costa Rica and Panama. It was another prefect week with the great staff and crew from Lindblad. The trip started with an amazing rescue of two fishermen whose boat had capsized, they had been floating at sea for three days! You can read the account of what happened here in the Daily Expedition Report.
The trip was very different from my trip to the Galapagos Islands; the weather was much warmer (yea!) and the air more humid, but sadly the animals not quite as unafraid of people. Well, the monkeys were still quite curious and entertaining! All in all another great experience at sea.

Below of are some of my favorite photos from the week, which culminated with a memorable trip through the Panama Canal.



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