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Jessica and Sam – Castle Hill – Newport, Rhode Island 2014

One of my favorite parts of Jessica and Sam’s wedding were Sam’s Vows to Jessica, so I’ve included them here:
“Jessica.  Here we are.  This is the moment we have played over in our respective imaginations, I suspect, since we first kissed on that misty Halloween evening nearly six years ago.  This is the moment when we finally get to declare–to each other; to those who matter most in our lives; and to the laws of our land, which will preserve this declaration for the rest of our days–that I have found you.  That you have found me.  That we are better together than when we are apart.  That we are family.
This is, in fact, the moment I have been waiting for my entire life (even though I know you don’t believe me because I told you that didn’t want to get married until I turned 40).  The truth is that I have wanted you, and I have been waiting for you, since before I even knew you.  You are everything I have always dreamed that life can offer.
You are beautiful.  Looking at you fills me with serenity and peace.  It is the most wonderful way to begin a new day, and it is the only way I wish to bring a day to close.
You are brilliant.  I mean both your mind and your aura.  You have an understanding of people that feels as ancient as the Earth, and you shine from within as if you were the sun.
You are strong.  I have watched you navigate, with grace, the challenges of forging a career and the heartbreak of watching loved-ones grow old.  Never do you falter.  Never do you give up.
And you are kind.  A simple description, but how many people can that be said about with truthfulness and without hesitation?  It is joy that I feel when I watch you give so much love, so unselfishly, to to the world around you.
So, it is the happiest moment of my life to declare that I have found you, and that I love you.  It is my intention (these are our intentions after all) not to lose sight of this; of everything that you mean to me.  It is my intention to spend my life trying to return to you what you give so easily to me.  I will make mistakes along the way.  But I will always try to be better.  And I will always love you.”